The Internet Institute
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Multiple media and Internet-based project started in 2011.

“Once we have outlets - computer outlets in every home - each of them hooked up to enormous libraries where anyone can ask any question and be given answers, be given reference material - be something you’re interested in knowing from an early age however silly it might seem to someone else, its what you’re interested in. And you ask, and you can find out, and you can follow it up, and you can do it in your own home, at your own speed, in your own direction, in your own time, then everyone will enjoy learning.”

“It seems to me that it’s through this machine that for the first time we’ll be able to have a one-to-one relationship between information source and information consumer.”

“Now, everyone can have a teacher in the form of access to the gathered knowledge of the human species.” - Isaac Asimov, from an interview with Bill Moyers, 1988

The Internet Institute is a place where knowledge is sought out, digested, and put in to practice. This learning is self-directed and comes only from resources found on the Internet. We learn what we want when we want with the aid of the Internet.

Our aim:
- Learn miscellaneous skills and bits of knowledge using only the Internet.
- Demonstrate that we have learned these skills through performance.
- Document everything.

Because the term “learning” cannot be equated to “mastery,” it is important to note that our performance of each skill is the first try at the skill after learning it. Similarly, the first result shows that finding the answer instantly doesn’t mean you can master it instantly.

Conversely, this project may also lead to the finding that these “libraries” Asimov talks about are not reliable, because these resources are being posted by people who themselves have not yet mastered the skill…but are acting as if they have. What happens to the quality of the education if students are teaching students?