Big Black
Ink, screenprint, and inkjet on black and white Tyvek with bungee cord in MDF frame, 96" x 216", 2019.

In Shadows
Solo exhibition at the Bolivar Art Gallery at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Kentucky, 2019.

This body of work explores themes of death and resurrection, language and symbol, digital identity, slavery and captivity, vice, and facade. This work explores new materials including Tyvek, paracord, and the engineering of a modular framing system. The framing and bungee and paracords were all custom designed.
Riso and laser printed stickers on Tyvek with spray paint and India ink, MDF frame and bungee cords, 63" x 59", 2019.
Digital Fire
Two-color screenprint on stitched Tyvek with Poplar and MDF structure, 52" x 14", 2019.
Ink on Tyvek with MDF frame and bungee and paracords, 60" x 48", 2019.
Bungee and paracord on MDF and Poplar frame with screenprinted Phototex stickers, 2019.
Gradient Smiles
Laser printed stickers and spray paint on inkjet-printed and sewn Tyvek in MDF framing with bungee and paracord, 2019.
Inkjet and India ink on sewn Tyvek with Poplar support, 60" x 96" x 96", 2019.
Screenprint on Phototex sticker, 16" x 18", 2019.