100% Stratification Guaranteed Or Your Money Back. Solo Exhibition at Recession Art in New York City, New York, 2012.

Once functioning as a catalyst for societal evolution, unequal access to resources has ultimately inhibited progress. Although material wealth is the most obvious example, this growing list of resources includes education, location, technology, political beliefs, values, cultural upbringing, ancestry and race.

100% features works that explore human relationships through the filter of accessibility to these resources. When equal access is available to the entire society, social progress and collaboration can flourish. All to often, however, small contingencies of the populace seize and restrict these avenues of access for personal gain. Meanwhile, a growing segment of the population has been stripped of this accessibility, turning what could have been a keystone into a wedge.

Title Image, Ink on graph paper, 2012. Buy American, Two-color screenprints on paper, 24" x 18" each, 2012.

Toys (left), Marker on paper, 30" x 22" each, 2012.

Weary Souls (right), Ink on graphed vellum, 24" x 18" each, 2012.

Contemporary Icons, Sewn ripstop, Dimensions variable, 2012. Atomic, Marker on paper, 30" x 22", 2012. Colt, Marker on paper, 30" x 22", 2012. Space Gun II, Marker on paper, 30" x 22", 2012.